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     install the pretreatment filter can longterm the UF / softener / RO filter life time, this kind of pre filter not need to change cartridge, and it is easy for clearning, and also can avoid the tube from rust , really a good one for the family water request 

    this pre filter can effectively stop the Visible solid impurities and some harmful chemicals ,such as Rust, sediment, algae, colloid, can offer good protection for Pipes, faucets, electrical appliances
     model:  SR-MQ1G
     capacity:  1.5~2T/H
     filtering port size:  30~50 um
     water pressure:  0.1~0.5Mpa
    port size of input &outupt :  1/2 in out thread 
     clearning way:  back washing + Blow wash
     size       215×130×70mm
     life time     15-20year


    ◆ metal material, with durable using

    High strength transparent filter bottle, observable impurities intercept

    ◆ss316 stainless steel net , better filtering performance, longer life time

    atent mechanical washing device,not need manual unpick and wash,good for the discharge of pollutants

    Mechanical washing knob, with time memory device control mechanical scraping the washing device

    ◆ this pre filter usually is installed before the input water port (like the after the water timer ,have a rough filter for the family water supply, can effectivley Prevent the potable water system of secondary pollution, so as to protect the Water supply system downstream piping and equipment safety and clean

    ◆ Compact structure, convenient operation, can be installed in place in the narrow space

    ◆ Transparent high strength expanded shields, allows users to view the performance of the filter at any time, and can clear whether have stopped by the filter outside coarse particle impurities, to maintaining flushing process be clear at a glance.




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