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    Corporate Philosophy

    To pursue for the fundamental principles; to lay stress on sincere management; to recruit all persons of virtue and ability to create great causes; to explore with unbreakable will whatever is new ahead (including concept innovation, organizational innovation, strategic innovation, technological innovation and market innovation)

    Corporate Objectives

    Shanghai Suoai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is committed to be a leading international brand of intelligent water purification area with admirable management methods, result-oriented principle and technology promoting strategy. We exert ourselves to become the best cooperative partner of our customers and also an influential customer-focused company with long-term vision.

    Corporate Spirit

    Compromising the merits of the top water purification technology from world-wide, we are engaged in create the best solutions for customers from all around the world with indomitable perseverance and perfect spirit.

    Corporate Style

    All the businesses in our company insist on the Suoai spirit and work hard as we always keep a watchful eye on sincerity and human health. Such corporate spirit needs us to build confidence and trust based on open and honest communication, allowing every valuable member of our group to bring out all their potentials and make contributions.

    Explanations of Suoai

    Suo——grope, ponder, explore and pursue.      Ai——friendship, affection, devotion and charity.


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