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    The real world 's first invention of three-hole ultrafiltration membrane manufacturer
    (Patent number: ZL20082010694.X)

    Quanzhou Source Membrane Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd was established in 2004 November, it is a professional manufacturer that committed to the membrane separation technology and water treatment products.
    The early days of the company began to engage in R&D of ultrafiltration membrane technology, and in early 2008 it successfully developed the "three-hole ultrafiltration membrane". And to obtain the patent certificate of the structure of utility model, to become the world's first invention of three-hole ultrafiltration membrane manufacturer. Successfully overcome the various disadvantages of the single hole and seven-hole ultrafiltration membranes.

    Currently there is a company says : "2009 the first origination of the three-hole membrane", It is false. The company produces three-hole membrane is imitated, not the first! Our company reserves the right to legal action, and require the company to stop the sale and production of the " three-hole membrane " and other related products.

    (Company profile): QuanZhou Source Membrane Science and Technology Development Co.,LTD was established in November 3rd, 2004. It is a professional manufacture of filter membrane . After years of entrepreneurship, Now has a number of invention patents and utility model patents. And has an annual output of 1700000 square meters of high quality hollow fiber membrane production capacity. Company product models complete, Hollow fiber ultrafiltration, microfiltration membrane and components, MBR membrane module, Tubular membrane module, three-hole membrane, seven-hole membrane, etc. It is now one of very few can preparation of different structure, different precision, different material filter manufacturers in the world market.
    Products are exported to international market, such as the United States, Holland, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Korea, Japan etc. Widely used in water purifiers, mineral water, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical, electronic, electroplating, municipal water supply, water recycling, water reuse and wastewater treatment, desalination, brackish water, material concentration fields.

    Product Series:
    Hollow-fiber membrane PVC、PVDF Different molecular weight cut (10-5 million)
    Hollow-fiber membrane PVC、PVDF 0.1, 0.2 microns
    The MBR filter membrane module PVC、 PVDF (with support layer) 0.15-0.3 million daltons
    Tubular membrane module PVC、PVDF ultrafiltration, nanofiltration
    Three holes membrane PVC microfiltration, ultrafiltration
    Seven holes membrane PVC microfiltration, ultrafiltration

    Source focus on filter membrane manufacturing, innovation and development , is committed to become a world-class manufacturer of filter membrane. Willing to work with you to common development!
    We are willing to share our knowledge.
    We look forward to your cooperation, to further promote the membrane filtration technology.
    To undertake OEM orders!

    General manager : Te Shu Wu


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