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    esisdent building water filter moduel SR-3500BE





    model  :








     flow rate:


    max flow rate:


    Coconut shell activated carbon


    Glass fiber reinforced plastic bucket size




     back washing period:

     1~99 day


    High-grade apartment/village/enterprise or business unit




    high Efficient active carbon adsorption filtration

    deodorizationcaused by phenol, oil odour 

    decolourize chroma formed from iron, manganese and plant decomposition products or formed by organic pollutants 

    dechlorinate:the bad semll caused by the  disinfectant (residual chlorine)

    ◆rremove TOC、(total organic carbo):can remove  1060% Organic pesticides, insecticides, chlorinated hydrocarbons...

    ◆heavy metal remove:Mercury, chromium and other heavy metals

    ◆remove Synthetic detergent and synthetic dyes

    ◆ Get rid of the virus, radioactive substances and the mutagenic substances in the water

    2Automatic flushing regeneration function


    3Automatic MemoryPower cuts permanent memory with customizer time 

    4、language:Chinese and English 


    5、AUTO lock function:in standby, auto lock in 1 min . press together“▲”and “▼”for 5 seconds to unlock,


    6、big capacity to support different using


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