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     water tank:


    water output


     water supply:

    hot water : 20L / H , warm water 80L/H




     220V 50Hz




    supply 65 people, 


    ***if all support warm water, can supply 60% more people, if all support hot water, can supply 30% down people, all the datas are for intermittent drinking, not for constantly drinking


    ◆ Efficient heat exchanger , can save 80% power

    ◆  intelligent water control system, not hot , no water out, can avoid drinking raw water.

    ◆ all stainless steel , water tank prssure forming, 

    ◆ hot water / warm water after 3stage filtering ( UF + CTO + UDF ) and High temperature sterilization

    ◆ normal temperature design which makes it saver for using

    ◆ suitable for 0.05-0.6MPa, source water: city tap water.




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