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    wall- RO water purifier SRRO-50CB


     model: SRRO-50CB

    output flux: 7.9L/H

    power: 0.7-0.9KW

    water resource: Municipal tap water

    working pressure:  0.10.3MPa


    filter water: directly drinking

    usage: cooking, washing, tank water, Cosmetology water

    The function of the filter units:

    First stage: The Polypropylene(PP) filter.

    It can remove the sand,the suspended solids, colloid, impurity, with large filtration area and fine filtration effect.( 3-5 months)


    The second stage: Granular active carbon.

    It can adsorb the heterochromatic, odor, hydrogen halide, organics, and other harmful substance. (6-8 months)


    The third stage: The Activated Carbon filter.

    It can highly adsorb heterochromatic, odor, hydrogen halide, organics, and other harmful substance, making the water good taste. (6-8 months)


    The fourth stage: RO membrane

    It adopts the Reverse Osmosis Technology, which can cut off the micro suspended solids, colloid, bacteria, and remove the macromolecular organic compounds, so the filtered water can be drink directly.(2-3years)


    The fifth stage: After-treatment active carbon cartridge.

    It can further remove the odor, residual chlorine, bacteriostasis, adjust the water taste, prevent from the second pollution, 


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