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    Industrial RO system Filtration Equipment SRRO-12000G


    Power: :380V; 3KW
    water capacity flow:2T/H;raw water puressure:0.3MPA

    Reverse osmosis technology is an emerging high technology and new technology in nearly 20 years , which using reverse osmosis principle, and using the  highly selective reverse osmosis membrane, can make the inorganic salt in the water removal rate reached above 99%. the membrane pore size is ess than 1 nm which can effectively remove all kinds of organic matter, particles, bacteria and other harmful substances  in drinking water and greatly improve the water quality and no pollution, and thus this is widely used in pure water preparation. 

    Working principle: reverse osmosis (RO) is  let the solvent in solution separated from the solution through a certain pressure by the reverse osmosis membrane. Because it is contrary to natural penetration direction, so called reverse osmosis. 

    According to the different osmotic pressure of all kinds of material, it can make greater than the osmotic pressure with the reverse osmosis method  so as to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.


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