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    Active Water Shower Filter SR-012

    Active Water Shower Filter

    water output: 60T

    average water output: 100L

    for the 3people family , genearlly can use around 120-180day

    suitable: sensitive skin people, baby and kids

    cartridge:KDF+ultra calcium+ net


     Through oxidation - reduction (electronic transfer) response,can  effectively reduce or remove the chlorine and heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, copper, nickel, cadmium, arsenic) in the water, and inhibit the growth of microorganisms in water.

      ultra calcium

      Effectively remove chlorine from water, purification mineral water, adjust the PH of the water. Pure natural, pollution-free, antibacterial, mouldproof, no static, does not contain any chemical composition. 

      With super powers calcium effectively Remove residual chlorine ,  safe, and high temperature resistant, no bacterium,


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